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FibArm Resin WS
FibArm Resin WS epoxy is a new product, designed to impregnate FibArm external reinforcement systems in solving problems of reinforcement in a more complex environment, namely in wet and humid facilities, and even when working with surfaces with direct contact with water.

Component "A" is a thixotropic mixture, which includes epoxy resins, fillers, active diluents, pigments and target additives.

Component "B" - is an aliphatic hardener containing fillers and additives.

Scope of application:

  • Suitable for carbon, basalt, fiberglass and aramid fabrics and tapes.
  • It is used as a primer for systems laid by the wet application method.
  • Should be used for carbon fabrics and tapes whose surface density does not exceed 300 g / m2
  • For implementing FibArm external reinforcement systems on reinforced concrete, concrete, metal and stone structures. Allows applying epoxy to a wet, non-dried surface. This quality is a huge advantage when reinforcing surfaces in enterprises with that release steam or work in humid environments, in the case when there is no way to stop production and dry the structure.

Main Features:
Allows the implementation of ERS in wet surfaces and even under water.
Increased resistance to oils
Improved mechanical characteristics
Easy application and mixing - the ratio of 2:1 by volume and weight
Designed specifically for the FibArm system
High adhesion to different surfaces: concrete, masonry, metal, wood, stone
Does not require a primer
Solvent free