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FibArm Resin HT
FibArm Resin HT + epoxy is a new development, designed to impregnate FibArmexternal reinforcement systems in solving problems of reinforcement in a more complex environment, namely in facilities requiring temperature-resistant materials.

Component "A" is a thixotropic mixture, which includes epoxy resins, fillers, active diluents, pigments and target additives.
Component "B" - is an aliphatic hardener containing fillers and additives.

Scope of application:

  • Suitable for carbon, basalt, fiberglass and aramid fabrics and tapes.
  • It is used as a primer for systems laid by the wet application method.
  • Should be used for carbon fabrics and tapes whose surface density does not exceed 530 g / m2
  • For implementing FibArm external reinforcement systems on reinforced concrete, concrete, metal and stone structures. Heat resistant binder. This quality is a huge advantage when reinforcing surfaces.

Main Features:
High thermal resistance
The adhesive has enhanced physical and mechanical properties
Easy application and mixing - the ratio of 2:1 by volume and weight
Epoxy specially designed for ERS X Wrap
High adhesion to different surfaces: concrete, masonry, metal, wood, stone
Does not require a primer
Solvent free