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FibArm Grid HS 600/1000
Bidirectional carbon fiber grid, for strengthening and renovating building structures.

The technology of external reinforcement using carbon tapes will allow to solve a whole range of problems associated with the loss of the structural bearing capacity, thereby not only restoring existing deficiencies, but also increasing the bearing capacity in the shortest possible time and with significantly lower labor costs in comparison with traditional reinforcement methods.

The system will increase periods between renovations, as well as significantly increase the life-time of all structural elements.

Scope of application:

  • Improvement of bearing capacity of plain concrete, reinforced concrete, brickwork structures
  • Strengthening structures operating in wet conditions. Underground structures, tanks, tunnels, pipelines, collectors, bearing facade elements of buildings, etc.
  • Increased rigidity during seismic retrofit of columns, beams, floor slabs of the interface of structural elements, bridge structures
  • Reinforcement of radial technical structures such as chimneys, silos, tanks, water towers, etc.
Main Features:
Simplicity of application and quality control
Universality of application, allowing its application on different surfaces of different shapes
Lightweight and insignificant thickness, strengthening system does not create an additional load on construction
Strong resistance to vibration strain and dynamic stress
Corrosion resistance
High permeability allows FibArm Grid to be used inside concrete
No need in additional fire retardation in case of using mineral binder
Ability to perform repairs without interrupting the operation of buildings or structures
No extra cost of further expolitation

Cardboard box. In the box 1 roll of 50 RM. Minimum order quantity - 1 roll

Shelf life is unlimited

Carbon fibre grid can be used both for exterior and interior reinforcement. Base surface for application of carbon fibre grid must be prepared. Remove all plaster, coats, paints from the areas to be reinforced. Degrease the areas. Surface must be solid. Repair all damaged areas. Prior to application, clean the base surface with an industrial vacuum cleaner and moisten it with water until dull wet without any drips and drops. In case of grid application with mineral binder, mix powder with water in a clean receptacle. Use a flat stripping knife to apply 3–6 mm thick layer of repair composition. Embed carbon fibre grid in the applied layer before it sets. Apply at least 3 mm thick top layer to cover the grid completely.
Material type
Application field
Cell size
Warp thread type
Longitudinal tensile strength
Transverse tensile strength
Fiber length per roll
Belt width
Surface density
High strength carbon fibers
10х20 mm
Carbon fiber 48k
>2600 MPa
>2100 MPa
50 m
1000 mm
600 g/m2
"Prepreg ACM"